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sandstone polishing stone sydneyWhen you have chosen your flooring, you can count on us to perform all the installation requirements in a timely, organised, and professional manner. WR Marble Stone’s team is comprised of experienced craftspeople who understand and appreciate all the tenets of every kind of flooring we have available. In addition to expert installation, we also provide other services such as:

  • Polishing
  • Levelling
  • Re-grouting
  • Cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Flooring replacement
  • Staining
  • Grinding


WR Marble Stone is fully prepared to re-grout tiles, perform deep cleaning, grind concrete and terrazzo to a mirror finish, stain your flooring to a new vibrant colour, and complete any other floor transformation that you might desire. We use only the best equipment and methods to perform these services, so rest assured that your floor will be installed using the highest calibre of technology and the most effective techniques. If you require a repair or a polish, we have all the tools and knowledge to take on that project as well. Whether you forgot to clean up a spill and it set, or your floors have begun to age and crack unpleasantly, we will be there to revive and restore your floors to their natural and like-new quality and shine.


Concrete Polishing Sydney

 At WR Marble, our concrete polishing techniques excel in industry standards. Our trained and experienced polishers start with the proper assessment of the stone and flooring, and utilise only the best range of products, implementing the best approaches and techniques performed with highly sophisticated equipment to ensure only the best and most durable end product. Our concrete polishing Sydney offers both money savings and easy maintenance, enhancing the stone to optimal levels of beauty.


Marble Polishing Sydney

WR Marble offers a full range of Marble services, including grouting, tiling, grinding, polishing, honing, buffing and sealing. Our marble specialists have years of expertise in both commercial and residential properties, providing only the best quality and standards in Marble services. Our marble polishing is performed by only the most experienced technicians, utilising the best materials and implementing the toughest standards to ensure superior workmanship.


Polishing Stone

There is no one “set” standard for polishing stones. Different approaches must be used for different stones to ensure the best end product. WR Marble utilises a variety of approaches, methods and techniques in polishing stone Sydney to create dust free finishes that bring out the most beautiful lustre in the stone. Our technicians use sophisticated equipment, tools and techniques to grind and polish each stone to absolute perfection.


Concrete Grinding

The attractiveness of concrete is undeniable. When optimal grinding techniques, such as those utilised by WR Marble are used, the flat or lustrous finish is unsurpassed. We offer our customers concrete grinding Sydney services, performed by highly trained and experienced technicians using sophisticated grinding equipment. Whether a residential property or commercial property, only the best approaches, materials, equipment and techniques are used to provide our customers with radiant concrete floors that have earned the stone its spectacular beauty and reputation.


Professional and Affordable Concrete and Marble Stone Specialist

marble polisher stone sydney

Located in Sydney, WR Marble Stone grants you the power to elevate your bathroom into a gleaming haven of gold-and-grey polished concrete, or to transform your pool area into a warm, sandstone-paved paradise that is reminiscent of Australia’s golden beaches. Impress your family and friends with a gorgeous mosaic of multi-coloured terrazzo bricks in your entryway and learn to love cooking even more (or again) by having breathtaking, rose-veined marble flooring installed.

At WR Marble Stone in Sydney, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality flooring materials, maintenance, stone polishing and grinding and repair services, expert knowledge and advice, and great customer service all at competitive prices. We have served clients like, “The Biggest Loser” television programme, Westfield, and the University of Technology Sydney and are eager to assist you in all your flooring needs, be it a residential property or a commercial building project.


Gorgeous variety of flooring

Here at WR Marble Stone, we provide you with a wide variety of flooring materials that suit every need, room, and taste. Whether you want to change the floors in all your rooms or for just one, WR Marble Stone has the flooring material for you. Choose from:


  • The practical and simple beauty of polished concrete Sydney
  • The durable opulence of gleaming marble
  • The regenerative aggregate-and-marble medley of terrazzo
  • The robust warmth and sleekness of sandstone
  • The creativity, eco-friendliness, and affordability of tile


Check out the different flooring types using the menu at the top of your screen. Learn about the many benefits to each material, the level of maintenance that is recommended, and the general pricing per square foot. For photos of our flooring projects, go to the “Gallery” section on the top menu bar. If you have any more questions about a particular type of floor or are not sure which flooring works best in the room you want done, please contact us.


Contact Us

For further information, talk to a friendly and informed representative who can start you on this exciting stage of home or business ownership. If you are cautious about beginning an intensive construction project, have had a bad past experience, or are concerned about the cost, talking to a WR Marble Stone rep will ease your fears and give you a clearer picture of what you can expect from our company and your new floor. Visit here for Tiling Melbourne.

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