Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Why WR Marble Stone?

 WR Marble Stone is an experienced company whose clients have included The Biggest Loser television programme, Westfield, and the University of Technology Sydney. Upon installation, we offer grinding and glossing services that will bring your concrete flooring to a brilliant shine. We also provide concrete buffing, sealing, repair, and coating services that will keep your floor resistant to daily stains and looking its best. If you have an existing concrete floor that has fallen in disrepair, WR Marble Stone can return it to its former glory. Our goal is to bring you polished concrete of the highest quality in whatever design and colour you want, with the best equipment and materials in the business.

 Where can I install concrete floors?

Concrete has also become much more popular in recent years so you can expect to see it more homes and businesses. Polished concrete flooring is a beautiful addition to any space where you desire a sleek look that is easy to clean and maintain. Concrete flooring works well in a variety of areas in a home (especially high-traffic areas that are prone to messes), like in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and outdoor spaces. You are not limited by colour either; polished concrete comes in a variety of colours and different designs, so you can easily match your concrete flooring with the rest of your home.

As for the types of businesses where you will see concrete, polished concrete is much more versatile than just as flooring in factories and car parks. People often imagine industrial locations has having an exclusive claim over concrete, but because concrete can be coloured and patterned, there is really no limit to where it can be installed. Places like restaurants, bars, hairdressers, and shopping centres install concrete for its modern style and excellent durability. Businesses love concrete because it gives off a lovely shine that reduces the need for a lot of lighting, and does not require hours of cleaning time. It also a very affordable option for businesses and that is always appealing.


Concrete Polishing Sydney

Polishing is the key to a superior concrete finish. Polishing is not just to bring out the beauty of the stone, or a high lustre finish. It is also to save money and minimise maintenance. When polished and sealed properly, your floor will last for years to come. WR Marble technicians specialise in concrete polishing Sydney for commercial, industrial and residential properties.


Concrete Grinding Sydney

 Concrete grinding Sydney is performed to achieve a lustrous polish, whether it flooring, sidewalks, driveways, slabs or patios. WR Marble specialises in concrete grinding Sydney using the most sophisticated equipment that not only minimises the mess during the project, but grinds out all imperfections and ensures optimal protection, restoring and finishing the concrete to new.


How do I keep concrete clean?

 Polished concrete Sydney is also very easy to clean and since it is not as porous as other materials, it does not soak up oils, dirt, and the resulting bacteria as quickly as other flooring types. However, you do have to keep your floor clean dirt and grime will eventually dull the concrete’s shine. To clean, start by sweeping the floor clear of dust and dirt. Choose non-abrasive cleaner, clean water, and a clean mop. Use a very soft mop to avoid scratching the floor. For a cleaner, you can use dish detergent or a solution that is free from abrasive chemicals. To dry, simply pat the floor with another clean, dry mop or cloth. Contact WR Marble Stone if you not sure how to properly clean your polished concrete or need to have a set-in stain removed. It is possible to remove stains yourself, but you risk using chemicals that may make the mark worse. To be safe, please call WR Marble Stone and we will clean and remove any stains for you at a very affordable fee.


What is the cost of concrete flooring?

Because polished concrete does not need to be repaired often or require expensive cleaning procedures, the long-term cost of this kind of flooring is very low. Depending on the style of concrete flooring you want, it can cost from $2-$30 per square foot. The more basic concrete flooring will be relatively inexpensive and will cost you even less if you already have concrete beneath an old floor that you just want polished or stained. More expensive concrete floors involve intricate colours, stains, or other patterns. Even the more expensive concrete is comparable in price (or even less) than marble or wood floors.


Why concrete?

If you are looking for flooring that is durable, resistant to staining, low maintenance, and affordable, then polished concrete is an excellent option for you. Unlike wood or tiled floors, concrete does not scratch easily or crack over time. It can resist anything from shoe scuffs to chemical spills and maintains the same gloss years after it was first installed. After initial polishing, concrete floors do not require extra waxing or other applications so it shines, and cleaning is a very simple process. Concrete floors have the visual reputation of being cold and boring, but this is just one side of concrete. When polished, concrete captures light beautifully and when coupled with other decorations, it brings a room together and exudes a simple beauty and warmth. You can choose polished concrete in a classic, gleaming grey or even opt for stains that give the concrete the appearance of other colourful stones or marble.

For more information about installing concrete flooring, concrete grinding, concrete polishing, maintenance, or the other services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer any and all questions about the benefits and cost of polished concrete.

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