Marble Polishing and Grinding

Why marble?

 Marble represents the peak of luxury in flooring and countertops. The endless designs, colours, and unmistakable shine bring a unique elegance to any space, be it residential or commercial. You are probably accustomed to seeing marble on kitchen countertops or crafted into luxurious bathtubs, but marble flooring is also very popular and surprisingly simple to care for, with some beforehand understanding of the stone. In addition to its beauty, marble flooring is extremely durable and can last up to five times longer than other flooring types like natural stone or tile. By applying stain-resistant glosses and committing to the little maintenance marble requires, you only increase the odds of marble lasting for years, making it one of the best floorings for its cost. WR Marble Stone in all aspects of Marble stone, including marble grinding, marble polishing and all other marble services Sydney.

 Marble Grinding

Marble grinding ensures the longevity of a stone’s life. While in years past, marble grinding Sydney was a tedious and dirty procedure; today, with highly sophisticated equipment and tools, such as those utilised by WR Marble Stone, the procedure of Marble Grinding Sydney is one that is virtually dust free. We provide all aspects of Marble grinding services, including:

  • Leveling and Lippage Removal
  • Grinding
  • Polishing

With the proper marble grinding Sydney, upkeep is minimised. Contact WR Marble Stone for expert marble grinding that is performed by trained and experienced technicians utilising state of the art grinding tools for the most effective grinding and results.


Marble Polishing

WR Marble Stone is advanced in our marble polishing techniques. Bringing back the lustre of marble, or taking a dull stone and bringing it to life. Our technicians have years in of experience in the trade and know the meaning of superior product, workmanship and performance. Only the most sophisticated equipment and technologies are used, along with the best approaches to ensure the enhancement of the marble, as well as its longevity and care free maintenance requirements.

Where can I install marble floors?

 Marble flooring can go anywhere. In homes, it is most common in kitchen and bathrooms, but if you desired to lay down marble in your entire house, there is nothing that would stop you. Marble flooring is beautiful in entryways, living rooms, on countertops, and even stairs. It is also very versatile. You can choose simple designs like a single slab of white marble with glittering gold veining or a more layered look with bricks of marble laid out in repeating patterns.

Marble has been used for sculptures and stairs for thousands of years, and has never gone out of style. For commercial buildings, marble enhances the look of the entire room and is very popular in capitol buildings, concert halls, and hotels. Marble instantly transforms any room into a space that breathes elegance and class while reducing the need to purchase a bunch of expensive furnishings, which businesses always appreciate. The gorgeous gleam of polished marble reflects all present light and colour, and with the essentially limitless possibilities in design, any type of commercial building can choose the marble that best suits them.

 How do I keep marble clean?

 Cleaning marble is a simple process that involves only water, a mild soap, and cloth. Marble is naturally resistant to moisture, which makes cleaning spills like wine and oil easier than if other flooring was installed. Marble also repels dust and bacteria, making it a great option for spaces where germs congregate, like in kitchens and bathrooms. To clean, begin by lightly dusting your floor with a non-abrasive, clean mop. For washing, use a neutral cleaner or a diluted mixture of ammonia and water, or dish soap and water. Once you have finished mopping, be sure to dry your floors. Marble is a very porous stone and will absorb moisture and stain.

If you have neglected to immediately clean a spilled liquid and your marble has stained, do not despair. Avoid trying to remove the stain yourself, as different types of stain (paint, oil, etc) require different kinds of treatment. If you use the wrong kind, you could make the stain worse and permanently damage your marble. Instead, contact WR Marble Stone. We have the expert knowledge and materials needed to return your marble to its clean, gorgeous shine.

 What is the cost of marble flooring?

You may be tempted to try and install marble yourself to save some extra money, but beyond attempting small projects like decorative backsplashes, you should contact WR Marble Stone to complete your installation. Marble is very heavy and working in a large area can be difficult for a non-professional. Typically, marble flooring costs around $9-$20 per square foot. This will give you the classic marble look that so many people desire. More unique types of marble or marble that has been customised in some way, costs more at about $10-$40 per square foot. This type of marble is fantastic for entryways where anyone entering your home will catch their breath and no doubt compliment your gorgeous flooring. These numbers are all average estimates and may vary depending on your exact location and size of the area you want marble in.

Why WR Marble Stone?

WR Marble Stone in Sydney possesses the skills, equipment, and material necessary to bring you the best marble flooring for your space. Choose from a wide variety of colours and designs for all your rooms and rest assured that you are in professional hands. We are timely, experienced, and make the installation process stress-free. With services like grinding, polishing, and levelling, our company is fully prepared to both install fantastic new marble floors and also repair and gloss existing marble that needs some extra love. We have served clients like and Westfield, and have the experience and expertise needed to help educate you on the care and cleaning of your polished marble. If you have any questions regarding our company, our services, or marble flooring in general, please feel free to contact a representative.


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