Sandstone Grinding and Polishing

Why sandstone?

 Sandstone is a natural stone that has been used in construction for centuries; and, its durability has stood the test of time. It is extremely dense and like the mountain from which it came, it can withstand harsh outdoor elements, making it is an excellent choice for outdoor flooring. The smooth curves and warm colours look like sand preserved in glass, and the equally smooth feel makes it a floor that is appealing to many senses at once. Sandstone also has the tendency to darken over time, which many people find advantageous because it adds complex shades to the stone. Sandstone flooring also requires little to no maintenance. This stone is a good option for people who desire gorgeous flooring but little work.

 Sandstone Installation

WR Marble Stone specialises in the installation of natural stone and manmade finished composites, ensuring only the best quality, workmanship and longevity of the sandstone. Sandstone installation Sydney consists of advanced skills as the area must be surveyed to ensure its suitability for tiling. We not only survey the area, we also clean and clear the area, preparing it for tiling before we begin the sandstone installation process. Our technicians have years of experience and offer optimal level of quality to ensure the result that has brought us our name.

 Sandstone Restoration

WR Marble Stone are experts in sandstone restoration. Whether repairing, repointing or restoring the stone, our sandstone technicians are highly advanced in skill and experience, determining any underlying issues for deterioration, and bringing back the sandstone to its natural beauty and original condition.   We utilise various approaches, performed with the best equipment and tools in the industry. This ensures the quality of the restoration.

Where can I install sandstone?

Like many flooring types, sandstone can go pretty much anywhere, but it is especially popular in outdoor spaces because of its durability. It is also the most common stone used around swimming pools because the water is absorbed into the sandstone’s natural pores, reducing the odds of people slipping on water and hurting themselves. It also stays cool when exposed to hot sunlight and will not burn a person’s bare feet. Aesthetically, it is also a popular option because it imitates the appearance of sand and beaches.

Indoors, sandstone is used for stairs, columns, and fireplaces. This is because sandstone is soft enough to cut easily into different shapes, but is hard and sturdy enough to resist extreme heat and cold. Sandstone is famous for its range of warm colours and is a great alternative to warm, but dirt-prone colourful carpets. Having sandstone pavers and fireplaces increases the value of a home and adds a gorgeous, smooth elegance to any room. Sandstone is also very popular in kitchens and bathrooms because of its low maintenance and sophisticated sheen.

Historically, sandstone was an extremely desirable stone to build with. The tallest gothic church spire in Europe is made of sandstone. Many commercial buildings like museums and capitols continue to use sandstone for their pillars and indoor flooring because the stone is so durable and easy to clean. There are also a lot of options for shapes since sandstone has a flexibility that many other stones do not. This fact makes sandstone useful for large buildings with lots of different angles and corners.

How do I keep sandstone clean?

When having your sandstone installed, it is recommended that you also seal the material you use inside as it is naturally porous and will absorb water and other liquids. This seal will guard your sandstone against excessive dirt and grime. When cleaning your sandstone, first remove dust and the like by sweeping or vacuuming the stone. Next, use a good micro fibre mop and warm water for washing. If you do not have a good micro fibre mop, you can add some dish soap into your cleaning routine to ensure you get all the dirt off your floor. Be sure to dry sandstone once it has been washed or it will absorb the water and possibly stain. If your stone has darkened over time ad you want it to look as it did when it was new, it only takes a power wash to get back the original colouring. If you discover a deep stain, do not attempt to remove it yourself with harsh chemicals. Contact WR Marble Stone and we will remove the mark for you without damaging your flooring in the process.

What is the cost of sandstone flooring?

Sandstone flooring is less expensive than similar stones like slate and granite, and so is an excellent option for spaces where you would install those stones. In general, sandstone falls within the $10-$30 per square foot range. This price can go up if you want customised shapes, sizes, and colours with your stone. The quality of sandstone can vary depending on the price, so contact WR Marble Stone to discuss your pricing options and the quality that you want for your flooring.         

Why WR Marble Stone?

With our team of stone experts, WR Marble Stone can expertly install high quality sandstone wherever you want it, be it by your outdoor pool, in your kitchen, or on a staircase. Whenever you need additional help like cleaning, smoothing, or sealing, please contact us again and we perform any and all necessary tasks professionally and swiftly. If you come across a problem with your stone like cracking or scratching, we provide services that will take care of that as well. Due to the high quality of sandstone that our company uses, you will be able to enjoy the soothing beauty of your sandstone without having to worry about excessive damage or cracking. For any questions about WR Marble Stone, sandstone, or the variety of services like sandstone installation and restoring Sydney, please feel free to contact us.


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