Terrazzo Installation and Restoration

Why terrazzo?      

Terrazzo is a beautiful flooring type composed of marble chips mixed with cement. This mixture of aggregate (which itself is often a mix of glass, plastic, and mother-of-pearl) with gleaming marble creates endless colour combinations and design options for any room. This makes terrazzo an ideal choice for the artistic and creative home and business owner who wants to control the colour and style of the space. One of the best benefits of terrazzo flooring is that it is much cheaper and easier to restore it than to replace it altogether. With no trouble, a company like WR Marble Stone can repair and rejuvenate your terrazzo. We handle all aspects of Terrazzo services, including Terrazzo polishing and grinding.

Terrazzo is also extremely durable and can be modified to become even stronger. Restoring terrazzo in this fashion means the owner does not need to exhaust their budget over maintenance.

Terrazzo Grinding and Restoring

Terrazzo is a stone with natural beauty and one that when proper grinding and polishing techniques are utilised, longevity and durability are assured. WR Marble Stone utilises sophisticated Terrazzo Floors Polishing Sydney & grinding processes to provide the strongest, most beautiful stones with no coatings, sealers or waxes.

Our Terrazzo restoring Sydney process includes stain removal and patch work performed during the restoring process, to ensure the perfect craftsmanship.

Terrazzo Installation

WR Marble Stone Terrazzo installation is only implemented using the best approaches. We begin with properly assessing the area and the stone, laying out strip to separate the various colours and patterns of the stone. With our sophisticated techniques our terrazzo installation ensures the most beautiful finished product, as well as longevity, lasting the life of the dwelling in most cases. Our technicians are focused on aggregates and colour placement, as well as the best techniques, pouring, grinding and polishing the stone, to ensure a optimal Terrazzo floor.

Where can I install terrazzo floors?

Terrazzo floors can be installed anywhere from entryways to bathrooms to kitchens. There are no limits, but these areas tend to be the most popular. If your terrazzo is in an area prone to spills, just be aware that you should clean any messes up as soon as possible so a stain does not set in. Terrazzo is also an excellent option in living rooms as carpets are magnets for dirt, stains, and germs. Carpets need to be regularly cleaned and even replaced, while terrazzo does not require much maintenance and can be refurbished over and over again. Terrazzo keeps a living room bright, clean, and elegant.

Terrazzo flooring is very popular in commercial buildings mostly because of its extreme durability. You may have seen terrazzo in casinos, airports, or religious buildings. In addition to serving as a floor, terrazzo is often used to create art in these spaces. A terrazzo floor is ideal for busy businesses because it can be put through decades of foot traffic and only needs minimal maintenance like sweeping. With basic care, terrazzo flooring will keep as new as the day it was installed. If the flooring does become dull or stained, it can be repaired in patches or repolished to look bright again for a very affordable price. The variety of designs is another reason terrazzo is beloved. Terrazzo can look sleek and modern with colours like black, white, and grey, or cosy and inviting with warmer shades of gold, brown, and copper.

How do I keep terrazzo clean?

When it comes to cleaning your terrazzo flooring, it is a good rule of thumb to treat the stone like marble. Terrazzo is soft and more prone to wear and tear than other stones, like granite. Spills should be dealt with immediately so the stone does not absorb the mess. When cleaning, do not use vinegar or other abrasive cleaners as this can badly scratch the terrazzo. Terrazzo has a thin layer of wax over its surface to keep it shiny, so using harsh chemicals will strip the layer away and dull your floor. The best method is to simply use a neutral solution like dish soap, clean water, and a soft mop. When you have finished washing the floor, dry it with another clean, soft mop. If your terrazzo floor stains, do not rush to remove the stain yourself. Many of the substances you would need to remove the stain are not recommended for floor care and may damage your stone more if misused. It is best to call WR Marble Stone as we understand how terrazzo functions as a material and how to best remove a variety of stains from your floor.

What is the cost of terrazzo flooring?

Terrazzo flooring can be more expensive than other types of flooring, but because it lasts so long and will essentially never need to be replaced, it is worth the cost. Getting terrazzo installed usually starts at about $20-$50 a square foot and can go as high as $80 or even more, depending on the type of desired materials, pattern, and colours. Contrary to common sense, a smaller space can actually be more expensive than having a terrazzo floor put in a large area. Bear in mind when you are considering terrazzo that this floor is an investment and will last for decades. It can also greatly increase the value of your home.

Why WR Marble Stone?

WR Marble Stone is an expert in the installation and refurbishment process of terrazzo flooring. With our high quality materials and practiced skills, we can lay in a floor that will last for years with little need for maintenance on your part. If you already have a terrazzo floor and want to change its colour or revive its gleam, we provide services like terrazzo dying, patchwork, grinding, and polishing. For more information on WR Marble Stone and how we can bring you the unique beauty and flexibility of terrazzo flooring, please contact a representative with any questions.


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