Tiles Polishing and Cleaning

Why tile?

Tile is a classic flooring material that is often overlooked in favour of more obviously elegant flooring like marble. However, tile should not be ignored as an excellent and affordable option in residential or commercial spaces. If you are a person invested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle, tile is the clear choice. It does not require the cutting of trees or destruction of natural environments to be created and often contains recycled materials like glass and ceramics. Tile is also one of the most diverse kinds of flooring with its endless colours, patterns, and materials. In terms of maintenance, tile is very durable and taking some simple and easy steps to keep it clean greatly extends its lifespan.

Tile Re-grouting

Years of dulling and damage can be turned around with tile re-grouting. Tile re-grouting performed by WR Marble takes damaged tile and restores it to its natural beauty. Our technicians provide a range of exclusive services, including adhesives, sealers and other accessories to ensure the best workmanship in all aspects of our tile services. Tile re-grouting is a means to enhance and restore the natural beauty of tile at a fraction of the cost. Contact WR Marble Stone to discuss our tile services.

Tile Sealing

Sealing is a vital to protect freshly laid porous tiles from future deterioration, as well as to protect staining. The techniques used must be techniques that are specific to the type of tile to ensure the best longevity, and to minimise future maintenance. WR Marble Stone technicians have years of experience, knowledge, talent and technique, performing tile sealing Sydney. Contact us to discuss our tile sealing and services.

Grout Re-colouring

Over time, grout can become discoloured. WR Marble Stone offers grout recolouring services. Our technicians use sophisticated products and equipment to first clean the tile and apply an epoxy based colourant to create a fresh appearance that is consistent, enhancing the beauty of the tile and eliminating the need for future staining. Grout recolouring not only enhances the beauty of grout, but the longevity of the grout, as well as it offers the highest level of protection.

Where can I install tile?

When installed in homes, tile is most commonly found in bathrooms, as shower flooring, and kitchens. It is a popular DIY project because tile is cheap and relatively easy to install. However, you want to ensure that your tile is installed correctly and with the highest quality of materials, have a professional company like WR Marble Stone install it for you. Tile is also beautiful in the form of a decorative backsplash in kitchens, and the hundreds of available colours and designs allow people to exercise their creative minds.

In commercial buildings, many contractors favour vinyl tiles over any other kind of flooring. Business owners also like tiling because materials like ceramics last for years under heavy wear and tear, and are inexpensive to keep clean. Tiling is an excellent option as flooring for commercial kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is essentially always present. Ceramic tiling in particular is resistant to moisture and will not become damaged over long exposure. They have a very hard texture that does not easily absorb liquids or bacteria. Tiles do become slippery when wet because of this, though simply laying a rug or mat over the floor solves that problem.

How do I keep tile clean?

Cleaning tile is a relatively simple process. Begin by sweeping or vacuuming tile floors to get rid of loose dirt and other debris. When washing your floor, you only need a mop dipped in warm water. If you wish, you can also include some detergent. This cleaning process is most effective if it is done every day. If you allow dirt or spills to sit on your tile, sticky liquids and mud can become fossilised unto your tile and become difficult to get off.

To remove stains or do a deep clean on your tile flooring, dilute some vinegar in warm water and mop. If a stain persists, you will have to do a spot clean. Make a paste of water and scouring powder and scrub. To remove mildew, which is very common in tiles in bathrooms, use ammonia and water. The ability to use a variety of chemicals on tile is another one of its advantages. While other flooring types are fragile and become damaged under any chemical stronger than dish soap, you can work on stains yourself with stronger solutions without fear of damaging your floor. Do be sure to rinse all cleaning solutions from the tile after you are finished.

Though tiles have numerous advantages, they can become very unsightly when they get really dirty and the grout becomes damaged. While you can roll up your sleeves and follow the recommendations above as well as other cleaning methods for grout, cleaning tiles can be exhausting. This is the time to call WR Marble Stone. Re-grouting tile is a much less expensive process than replacing the title altogether, and by using specialised tools, WR Marble Stone can revive your title’s grout to make your floor look brand new. Cleaning tiles is also a pain and likely one of the reasons why people opt out of using them. However, WR Marble Stone has the expertise and equipment necessary to assess the best treatment for your tiles. When we have completed the cleaning, you will hardly recognise your old floor.

How much does tile flooring cost?

Tile flooring is one of the most affordable types of flooring. For the classic glazed ceramic tile, you could pay from $1-$20 per square foot. Other tile materials like porcelain, terracotta, or natural stone all fall into this general price range, though the cost goes up with custom designs, rare colours, and other special orders. Special materials like glass, metal, and even leather are also significantly more expensive and are more common as decorative tiles than general flooring.

Why WR Marble Stone?

Whether you are a homeowner WR Marble Stone provides grout re-colouring, tile sealing, and expert installation of gorgeous, high-quality tile flooring. We offer a wide selection of tile colours and possess the expertise necessary to create artistic and unique designs and styles for your floor. If you have any questions about us and our services, please do not hesitate to contact a representative. We are also happy to handle any questions you might have about tile flooring and care.

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